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Admit it… life would be boring without me.

cool memes

We can’t all be the princess someone has to sit on the curb and clap as i go by

Inglês meme

When you were super motivated starting your diet this moming but by the time you get lunch you regret you whole life

Memes bons

My cat looks like he just told his favorite joke and he’s só proud of himself

You not

You not even watching The move me: Yes I am

When you crush

When your crush says she likes mysterious men

Was today

I was todas years onde when I saw this meme cats real face

Memes divertidos inglês

When you get comfortable in your bed but forget to turn the lights off

When that

When that first sip of cofee touches your sou

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Of course I speak my mind. My head would explode if e kept all this bitching to myself


When someone tells me to sit like a Lady

Meme funny

When your mom picked you out a new outfit and keeps telling you how handsome you look in it.

Hate drama

Me: I hate drama me, as soons as drama starts:

When you're

When you’re waiting for your favorite person and you finally see them.

Meme para compartilhar com amigos

When you receive a salty passive agressive e-mail.

Funny inglês

I can’t wait for the holidays! Tô be over.

When your

When your food soubesse like a battlefield in the microwave but still comes out cold.


Sometimes it’s better just to remain silent and smile.

Bons memes inglês

When your mom is shouting at your sibling and you know you’re next.

cool comedy

I love coffee because it gives me the illusion that i might be awake.

I try to be

I try to be a nice person but sometimes my mouth doesn’t cooperate.

If money

If money doesn’t grow on tress, then why do banks have branches.

fun meme

I’M not lazy. I happen tô have a strong commitment tô relaxation and i believe in living my truth.

My mom

My mom pulling me out of my room tô meet the guests:


People think i go out of my way to piss them off trust me, it’s not out of my way at all.

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Don’t judge me. E was born to be awesome, not perfect.

cool funny

Don’t bother trying to figure me out you’ll just end up exhausring yourself!

memes for fun

I’m clad my cat can’t speak he knows too much.

memes to share

When the photographer asks you to look seductive.

Comedy cool

Sometimes I wish I was a niger frog but then i laugh and continue on with my day.

Memes divertidos e legais

When you’ve got a deep rage burning inside you but you’ve got to act nice because you’re at work.


I’m sorry I offended you with my common sense.

memes to like

A moment of silence for all those Who work in retall and are forced tô listen to shitty christmas music for two months.

When someone

When someone in the meeting farts and you know it left a mark.


My two brain cells getting ready to make a decision.

funny and fun

Good afternoon! What are we offended by today?

Memes inglês

When you’re eating soft food then something crunches in your mouth.

Legais memes

When you need to clean but have no motivation só you just sit there for a while like.

Memes ingleses

Me showing my mom a funny meme. My mom:

memes to laugh

This cat looks like a cartoon cat that would have a fish skeleton in his mouth.


Cats constantly look at you like you just asked them for a ride to the airport.

good funny

Those who spend their time looking for the faults in others, usually have no time to correct their own.

Memes para dar gargalhadas

when the screen start loading and you see your reflection on the Black screen.

Legais meme inglês

Why are you so far away?

That one

That ano frente Who gets too hype over everything.

Favorite part

Toby’s favorite part aborto going to the vet is sitting in this sink.

comedy memes

When you show up 8 months after your last hair appointment and you’re like, ” do something! Anything! E can’t take it anymore!

Memes divertidos de mãe

Mom can I ask you something without you getting angry?

Memes divertidos para compartilhar

When you are fighting with your sibling, and suddenly mom come.


Home alone someone knocks at the door.


Conversation hearts, because nothing says ” I love you” like heart shaped chalk.

When you wake

When you wake up and don’t know where you are…

beautiful memes

I have to run as fast as i can to a randomly selected other room.

Meme de mãe inglês

When your mom beat you and called you for dinner.

Memes legais

If you could put me back in water that would be great.

If you are

Af you are having a bad day, pls look ar my cat.

What if the

What if the human is not my pet but i’m his.

funny meme

When you get out of the shower and can’t find your towel.

Funny cool

I fell off my bike in 1986 and Hurt my knee. I’m telling you now because we didn’t have Fecebook in those days.

Memes cool

So exhausted i’ve only slept 15 hours today.

I found

I found a cat hair on your shirt this morning it was white.